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Selling your bought council home

Right to Buy Back and Repayment of Right To Buy Discount Policy

The Right to Buy scheme was introduced by the Housing Act of 1980 and amended by the Housing Act 1985. Tenants that qualify for right to buy will receive discount on the open market value of the property; the amount of discount is dependant upon the length of tenancy and the type of property. If a property is resold within five years of the purchase a proportion of the discount would have to be repaid.

Right To Buy Back

The Housing Act 2004 which came into force in January 2005, made further changes to the Right to Buy scheme; one of these changes gave the social landlord the right of first refusal on the resale within 10 years.

The Council is not required to buy back the properties, however the Council will consider all properties and make a decision on each individually.

pdf icon Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about Right To Buy Back [46kb] - Right of First Refusal - Buying Back Ex-Council Properties sold through Right To Buy

pdf icon Click here to read the Policy on Repayment of Right to Buy discount, Buying back former Council properties and Covenants on housing land and property. [50kb]

To enquire about Right to Buy Back complete our online Right To Buy Back Enquiry Form here.


Repayment of Right to Buy Discount Waiver

As from 1 April 2015 there will be an administrative charge associated with an application to apply for a discount waiver. 

pdf icon Read the Frequently Asked Questions about Repayment of Right To Buy Discount. [23kb]

To make an initial enquiry and receive a call back regarding the process and administrative charges related to Repayment of Right to Buy Discount, please complete our online Discount Waiver Enquiry Form.

If you wish to go through with your application you will need to provide us with all the information requested in order to undertake our assessment. There will be a non-refundable charge for this work of £240 including VAT. 

Before you enquire, please ensure you have read the Frequently Asked Questions and the Policy available to download above and at the bottom of this page.