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Report a missed collection

If your refuse, recycling or garden waste has been missed we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.  If your bin hasn't been collected on its scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why. Before you contact us, please see whether the issues shown below are responsible for your missed collection:

Check your recycling and rubbish collection day.

Known Issues for the current week

Please check below to see whether your issue has already been reported, if not then use the button below to report it online.






We were unable to collect the garden waste from West Wood Hill off Braiswick road today 20th April due to parked machinery for road surfacing, our intention is to return first thing Monday morning the 23rd of April.

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Your recycling and rubbish collections:

If you have a kerbside collection, make sure your rubbish and recycling is visible on your boundary by 7am. Please ensure that your recycling and rubbish is placed in the correct containers.

If we miss your collection please let us know after 4pm on the day we were meant to collect. You can let us know up to 48 hours after the missed collection.

We collect all missed recycling and rubbish within 2 working days of it being reported. 

Please note: If your collection day is a Friday, missed collections can be reported by the end of the following Monday.

Trade recycling and rubbish collections:

Missed trade collections should be reported after 4pm on your collection day. We will return to collect your recycling and rubbish as soon as operationally possible (as long as there have been no presentation issues reported ie: access, contamination etc).

Report a missed trade waste collection



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