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Revaluation 2017

Your draft rateable value is coming

The current valuations used by local authorities to calculate business rate bills are based on the 2010 valuation. The next revaluation will take place on 1st April 2017, and is based on rental values at 1st April 2015.

Business rate bills sent out with effective dates from 1st April 2017 will use the new 2017 valuation information.  More information on revaluation 2017 can be found at the Valuation Office Agency.

What you need to know

Your draft rateable value will be published online on 30 September 2016. You will be able to review your draft valuation and let the Valuation Office Agency know if any of the details are incorrect. 

Please read the Valuation Office Agency guidance for what you need to know and what you need to do

Please ensure you tell the Valuation Office Agency if any details are incorrect before your business rate bill from 1 April 2017 is calculated.