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Kirsten Burley
Will Jenkins

James Young, Operations Manager Events., tells us more about his role.

In April 2016 something changed at Colchester Borough Council, the Colchester Events Company was born, its aim, to bring together event delivery aspects across the council to maximise profile, income and service delivery.

Enter a mix of long serving, experienced CBC staff and a sprinkling of new blood, the Colchester Event Company was open for business.

Covering the weddings and corporate, Sam Satterley, Sheldon Coulthrust and Kirsten Burley based at the Town Hall; Katie O'Sullivan, Sarah Bond and Carol Rayner concentrate on audience development and ticketed events at Charter Hall; and Will Jenkins oversees Open Air events, the Colchester Events Company is as we like to say...'the intelligent way to plan" ...

The strength of the team is the diverse range of skills and backgrounds, many years of local authority experience alongside the competitive edge of the commercial sector. The world of events is, as people may believe, an exciting and very rewarding one to work in. However, what must not be lost is the demands and hard work required to make every event, customer or member of an audience feel special and enjoy their leisure and events experience.

The team based at the Town Hall are regularly dealing with wedding enquiries, corporate bookings, parties, community weddings and ticketed events. Nothing is too much trouble for Kirsten, a former wedding registrar and her team of Sam and Sheldon.

Carol, Katie and Sarah have had a very busy last few months. Dealing with venues hirers, promotors and even CBC staff party planners, Charter Hall has found a new lease of life with sell out shows taking place in 2016 and an exciting programme of events for 2017.

Will can be found in Castle Park events office, busy planning for the forthcoming year, ensuring that park event hirers are provided with the relevant information, complementing the CEC event programme and ensuring the people of Colchester and beyond can be challenged and enjoy open air events across the town.

It's exciting times for Colchester in terms of events, opportunities to get involved as casual staff, event volunteers or just by attending the array of events on offer, the town is buzzing with anticipation as so much is going on. It's great to be part of this exciting new department for the Council, and the Colchester Events Company team look forward to welcoming you to one of our venues soon.

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