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Weekend noise service

We provide a weekend noise service to gather evidence for ongoing noise cases to enable officers to resolve statutory nuisance problems between 9pm and 1am on Friday and Saturday nights. 

In most circumstances where there is an ongoing complaint and we are in the process of taking enforcement action, it is likely that it will only be possible to obtain evidence to support this action rather than getting the noise turned off.

If you have an ongoing complaint you should know what evidence we are trying to gather and you will have discussed this with your case officer prior to calling the Weekend Noise Service.

How to contact us

Telephone:  01206 769779

Your call will be answered by our Helpline staff who will contact the Weekend Noise Officer with your details.  The Officer on duty will contact you by telephone to discuss the problem and will usually arrange to visit to witness the noise that you are experiencing.

Information we need to help us deal with your complaint

If you do need to make a complaint, it may help us to deal with your complaint faster if you can give us the following information:

  • What stage you believe Officers have got to with your case. For example, are we trying to gather evidence to serve a notice or are we trying to prosecute?
  • A description of the noise
  • The address where the noise is coming from
  • How long the noise has being going on for

Please be aware that our Officers use mobile telephones with withheld numbers - if your telephone line does not accept anonymous calls then we will be unable to contact you or deal with your complaint.  You will be able to unblock your telephone temporarily so that we can call you to discuss your problem.