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Disability Reduction

We can reduce your Council Tax if at least one person living in your home or property has a disability or where your home has certain features that are essential to the disabled person.

Every home has a Council Tax "valuation band" and a disability reduction is equal to us putting your home in the next lowest valuation band. For example, if your home is in band C, a disability reduction would mean your Council Tax would be for band B. Homes in band A qualify for a reduction of the same amount.

Who is eligible for a disability reduction?

Your home must have at least one of the following features:

  • A room, but not a bathroom, a kitchen or a lavatory, which is mainly for the disabled person to use. (For example the room could be a place for therapy, treatment or another use.)
  • Or, your home has an additional bathroom or kitchen to meet the needs of the disabled person; or
  • there is room indoors to allow the disabled person use of a wheelchair.

We have to consider if this room was not available in the home whether:
  • the disabled person would find it physically impossible or extremely difficult to live there;
  • the persons health or disability would be made more severe.


Apply for a Disability Reduction

To apply for a Disability Reduction please complete the online Council Tax Discount form here.

We would normally visit your home as part of our decision-making process. It would help us to know your telephone number so we can make an appointment with you. If you qualify, we will send you a new bill showing your Disability Reduction and the amount left to pay. Until you get your new bill, you should pay in line with the one you already have.

What if my circumstances change?
Please let us know straight away if there are any changes that affect your discount or exemption, failure to inform the Council of any changes could lead to a fine.

This includes where:

  • the disabled person (or people) move out;
  • their condition improves or is cured;
  • the features to meet special needs are removed.

We have to check discounts regularly, so we may send you a review form asking you to confirm the details of people living in your home. If there is a change, we will adjust your Council Tax bill from the date of the change.